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I'm exhausted. Yesterday my son had his first game of the day at 8am. My husband had his last game of the day at 12:30am the following morning. We spent the whole day at the fields. In all Brent played two games. I lost track of the number of games JTplayed. But he was actually in two separate tournaments, a men's and a coed. My daughter, Callie, and I spent the day moving from field to field. I noted that other than camping, I have never spent that long outside. I'm still learning to love the outdoors. I'm sure it was over 100 degrees, but it was a beautiful, surprisingly comfortable day. It was refreshing to spend time with some new friends.

Now back to the exhaustion. Today is a busy day. We got home shortly before 2 am and woke up shortly before 8am. We have church this morning and then the 1st Chat Club for girls 13 and over this afternoon at 3pm. Not that I'm expecting much of a turn out, I'm grateful of this, but I have to be prepared anyway. This is a trial run. This could be something great; a real outreach program. Today I plan to take lots of notes of what I need to do next time, three months from now.

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