I'm not feeling like my usual self this year.  It's Dec 3rd and all my decorations are up and the storage boxes are back in the garage.  Usually the storage bins would sit around waiting to be slowly emptied, then waiting to be taken out.  The whole job wouldn't be completed until 1 to 2 weeks before the big day, and even then there might be storage boxes still in my room.  The whole thing would leave me feeling a little drained because of all the chaos.

I have my son to thank for the change, daughter helped too.  Brent wanted to bring the boxes in on Thanksgiving.  He convinced us to let him set up one of the trees and put the lights on.  The next day we unloaded all the boxes.  It took us the rest of the weekend to put everything it it's place, but we ended the weekend out of holiday leftovers and fully decorated.  A success as far as I was concerned.  Despite my feelings, Brent would have liked it done a little faster.

So now, for the first time I'm relaxing and enjoying just how pretty all the Christmas decorations are.