Weekend?  What weekend?  My weekend seemed to be dominated by GS.  Not that anything was bad, just long and devoted to things outside of myself and my family.  School is going to hit us hard today.  

Callie and JT had a good time at the dance, despite the fact that Callie refused to dance with him.

I'm not sure Brent had a good time after the food ran out!


I just completed these hat and scarf sets as gifts for my sister and niece.  The blue one is for my sister and was fairly simple.  It is light weight.  The multicolor one is for my little niece and was more difficult than I had anticipated.  I did a cable twist and probably shouldn't have considering the time, but I really like how it turned out.  

OK, I try not to torture people with too many pictures of my cats, but I got a new camera and thought now was the time.  JB loved the new lens, because it moved.  It was really difficult to take a shot of him, so I gave up and settled for the one with his nose not on the lense.  Bitty is in Brent's room, as usual, soaking up some New Mexico sunshine.  Delilah is looking beautiful.  OK, no more cat pictures for awhile.  Thanks for indulging me.  

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