This morning I made three small loaves of Peasant Bread.  One I added Kalamata Olives to.  They will go perfect with the Lasagna and Tuscan soup we are having today for lunch.  Chrissy and her kids will be here, I'm excited to see her, it has been awhile.
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Today Lori and I are meeting at the hut to finish trimming out our room at the GS Hut.  The girls picked a bright, cheerful shade of green.  Lori and Maria, my co-leader, chose fun curtains a few weeks back.  We are also going to prime the cabinets today so they can be painted later.  The girls want to put their hand prints on them.  I think it will look so nice when it is done.  The building has a cold, industrial feel and the perk up is needed.
Yesterday I cancelled our account at  I was originally a Paperspine customer, for about two years.  After they decided to stop the service, I switched to Booksfree.  I miss Paperspine.  We were 12 at a time customers.  Booksfree took forever, up to 3 weeks to get books to us and the same time to receive them.  We just weren't able to justify the cost of the service with such a long travel time.  Paperspine was never more than a week, usually 4 days.  I'm sad to lose this resource, since books are so limited here.  I guess we can invest the money we were spending at the Coas used book store in Cruces.
I have new babies in the house.  Not people babies, but seed babies.  The first picture was taken last week.  They are growing so fast.  My cats love them too!  They love them a little too much.  I'm finding victims regularly.  I can't keep the cats away. I should transplant them outdoors for their own safety!
The sad little headless stem. 
Here is another one.
This is one of the pumpkin seedlings with it's first true leaves.
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I have been eating veggie enchiladas for the last 3 days and needed a change.  So yesterday I made a lasagna with fresh noodles.   It turned out wonderful.  I was a little nervous about the noodles, since I do not have a pasta maker, but they turned out fine.  My main concern was that they would be too thick.  We are still without meat, so it was vegetarian.  The meat wasn't missed.
First I made the pasta.  It has been ages since I have made any noodles, and this is my first time for lasagna noodles.  The dough came together easily, I did have to add a little water to get it pliable.  
I allowed the pasta dough to rest about an hour before I rolled it.  It was so yellow due to the bright yolks of our chickens eggs.  
It was easy to roll when I first cut it in to small rectangles that would eventually be a single noodle, rather that rolling the whole thing first and then cutting it.  I got 8 sheets from the recipe.  My pasta sheets weren't pretty, the second batch did look a little better than these.  Two sheets made a single layer of pasta in the lasagna. Don't stack, they stick together.  I boiled water with a little salt and added two sheets at a time.  They cooked quickly, I rolled the next two and the ones in the pot were done.  I layered then on a large cutting board with a small drizzle of olive oil between each one to prevent them from sticking.  JT came in during this process and informed me that it was probably not how the Italians do it.  Oh well.
Here is one completed lasagna.  I made two and froze one.  I have a friend coming over Thursday to enjoy the second one.  I also made a Tuscan veggie and bean soup and some fresh bread.  The soup was good, but just can't compete with the lasagna.
It was fun to make, but time-consuming.  It helps knowing there is one waiting in the freezer.   This would be no harder to make 4 and have more in the freezer.  Next time.  

Here is the Recipe:

Fresh pasta ( mine was 2 cups flour, 2 eggs and 2 egg yolks), rolled into rectangles and cooked in salted water
Bechamel Sauce (about 2 cups)
Tomato sauce ( added about 1 tsp Italian seasoning to this) (about two cups)
8oz of spinach, chopped; lightly sauteed 
8 oz ricotta
1 roasted red bell pepper, diced
4 oz crimini mushrooms sliced and sauteed in small amount of olive oil
2 large garlic cloves, minced
2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese

First, make all the different components:  tomato sauce, bechamel, pasta sheets and ricotta mixture.  To make the ricotta mixture, combine spinach, ricotta, bell peppers, mushrooms, garlic and salt to taste.  Do taste it to make sure it isn't bland.  

I had enough pasta for 4 pasta layers.  First I put down half the bechemel sauce, add pasta layer, sprinkle half the mozzarella and top with all the ricotta mixture, add a pasta layer then all the tomato sauce, add another pasta layer and the remaining bechamel, add a final pasta layer and the remaining mozzarella cheese.

This recipe is an adaptation of a fresh lasagna recipe found in The Simple Art of Cooking.  A truly wonderful book.

I'm adding the full recipe to Nibbledish.
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Our freezer was unplugged last weekend.  We lost everything.  It wasn't full, but the loss was still significant.  I had traded some flour for a chicken and had put the chicken in our regular freezer.  Suddenly it was the only meat in the house.  I roasted it using the method Alice Waters has in her book "The Art of Simple Food".  It was amazing.  I put lots of Herbs de Provence under the skin.  After that, I made a soup and the meat was gone.

I am a huge fan of Michael Pollan.  I have to say his writing has had a great impact on my daily life.  I read the Young Readers version to my kids and am now facing my own Omnivore's Dilemma.  Callie is now very involved in the foods coming into the house.  As far as she is concerned, there is no good meat in town.  I agree with her, but I just wasn't prepared.  So we are suddenly vegetarian, at least until we can find a nice piece of humanly raised, pastured meat.  Dairy is an issue as well.  Luckily we have our own eggs.

We have been vegan before, a whole year, so it's not like we don't know what to make.  We are now buying Silk for our coffee, Horizon is the only organic milk in town and it is too much like a regular factory farm for it to be an alternative.  I am making a Chile Rellenos casserole today, yum.  I already had some organic, pastured, raw cheese in the fridge; doesn't everybody?   I've located a ham for Easter, so no worries there.  My husband is fine with the lack of meat, but draws the line at his Easter ham.