We don't have a dryer. We bought this house just a couple months ago and the previous owners only used a washer (they also only lived her 3 months out of the year!). Not a big deal in our area. Sometimes the clothes dry in 15min. Beats my old dryer. We plan on picking up a washer dyer combo this fall. However, it is monsoon season here. Not as bad as it sounds, at least normally. The days are warm and sunny and in the evening there is a thunderstorm. Frankly, I love it.

But last night was an exception. The laundry, my sheets, were still on the line and the rain was a good 3 hours early. I'm not even sure you could call it rain. It looked more like buckets being dropped. No individual rain drops were discernible. We heard the rain start, the windows were open, and I ran for the back yard. The clothesline is only 15 feet from the house and I was soaked completely before I got there, no exaggeration. My husband joined me. I actually had difficulty seeing with so much water on my face. The sheets and other things were already completely drenched. We grabbed everything and headed back inside. I wish my shower had that kind of water pressure! I should have grabbed my shampoo! Of course the lighting would make that a risky shower.

The street was soon invisible because of the rushing water. I now wholeheartedly get "Flash Floods". I also understand the saying "it was raining in sheets". The rain looked so thick and you could actually see the wind blowing it. It lasted about an hour. The thunder and lightening was fantastic. When I woke up this morning the ground was completely dry. My sheets are out there again this afternoon. Wish me luck.
The monsoon season has come early. it is 65 degrees outside and raining hard and it has been all night. So much for setting out my walking clothes for a walk this morning. The only positive is that it is cool and I could walk later in the day if it clears up.

I started reading "So Your're Thinking About Homeschooling" Very good so far and inspirational. I want to check into the "Principle Approach".
Today is my mom's birthday. Not that it means much or that I even said it out loud to anyone. But it is. I'm sure my mom is milking my refusal to have contact with her. Playing the part of the victim to a tee, but this wasn't what I wanted. I lost something too. I tell myself that many people have lost parents and are living normal happy lives, but it's different with her alive and well and in my siblings lives.
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