I have avoided Whale Wars on Animal Planet long enough.  After watching The Cove I could avoid it no longer.  So this weekend we had a Whale Wars marathon.  We watched the 1st two seasons on Netflix on Saturday and Sunday and Animal Planet conveniently played Season 3 all day Monday.  We are all caught up.  I almost made it.  I cried during Season 2's Stuff of Nightmares.  So sad and unnecessary.

Please inform yourself about the plight of whales.  We are planning to send a care package to the Sea Shepherd crew.  They have a wish list here.  They are doing amazing things.
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  1. Awioa Says:

    Lol..somehow I missed all sorts of blogs. My dates were not updating. I do feel for the whales and support them through other animal charities. I can't get behind the crews in whale wars. I think they are eco-terrorist and I am amazed at the stuff they get away with.