I fervently wish I could somehow get everyone, yes everyone, to read "The China Study". The information inside is truly life altering. I have never read a book that is as important, excluding the Bible. It is that essential.

I have family who are suffering from health problems that I believe are truly unnecessary. The answers are so simple and straightforward, just hidden. This book explains health and wellness in such detail that the facts seem to jump from the page. It also empowers the reader to make choices and take action.

At times it can be a little heavy on the research for the casual reader. But it is conveniently divided into sections that focus on specific illnesses. The reader could simply read the general information and then look to the chapters that specifically address areas they are concerned with.

If you live close, I have a copy to lend. :)

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4 Responses
  1. Awioa Says:

    Can you develop glutten allergies like that? How's it going? I don't have a kindle, nook, or ipad so I haveto use good ol I can use my droid but it is a pain the screen is to small.

  2. Awioa Says:

    The book sounds interesting. I have liked books like that.

  3. Cana Says:

    I have a physical copy of the book too if you're interested. My kindle is new, but full of books already.

    You can develop allergies, but sometimes they are just very mild and go undiagnosed. Especially gluten. Callie has always had "tummy troubles" She would just take a little pepto. It wasn't all the time, it just took us awhile to connect her troubles to times when she had a lot of wheat. Small amounts are fine. It's not a true allergy, it's more of an intolerance.