Earlier this week I was at our local grocery store and was a little shocked by the prices in the produce department. They have dropped slightly since, but being vegan, this is a big deal. I don't know how prices compare across the country, but I know the prices had doubled from a few days before. This was a great motivator to pull out my gardening supplies and get serious about this year's garden.

I plan on putting in several fruit trees this year. There is a lot of agave in my yard, and since I don't make tequila they're just here for looks. Several are dying after the hard frost that hit this year, so that is where the fruit trees will go. The hardest part is which ones first.

I have decided to go with dwarf size. This will maximize the variety of fruit I'll be able to have in my yard. I know several people here locally that have had success with a variety of fruit and several that have had problems with the same variety! So here's hoping. I would eventually like plums, pears, nectarines and apples. I live in zone 8.

I will also be adding a couple beds this year in the vegetable garden, as well as a blueberry bush. Actually most of the labor for the additional beds and fruit tree planting will be supplied by my hard working, helpful husband.

My notes from last year are really unorganized, so this year I splurged and got a moleskine garden notebook. Not a necessity, but I'm so excited! Here's the video...if only I could draw like that!

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4 Responses
  1. Awioa Says:

    I don't do much by way of gardening. But I really want to grow mint so I can put it in my tea. I have tried 3 different locations and still have not succeeded. Sigh.

  2. Cana Says:

    We've done pretty well with the herbs. Basil and Thai Basil has been the most successful for us. I have never tried mint.

  3. Awioa Says:

    My mom grow mint and it just thrives... not for me lol

  4. Awioa Says:

    if you can, you should try to get two of every tree, the do better when they can cross pollinate. My mom grows mint, it grows like a weed in her yard.